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Xoài writes fiction, poetry, prose and articles. She is currently doing her Master's in Creative Writing. Xoài has completed a writing course with Oxford University, and sometimes hosts at Spoken Word Paris. Her work touches on many themes including multiculturalism (based on her experiences as a TCK), relationships, nature, coming of age and transition. 


Mini-chapbooks of poetry and artwork were sold at the guest features. 

Sous Les Pavés, Les Poètes: a poetry documentary  by Jo Morrigan Black (June 2023)

- GUEST POET Spoken Word Paris (June 6 2022)

- BBC Norfolk radio interview with Taryn Everdeen (Feb 2022)

- Interview by Taryn Everdeen (Dec 2021): "I'm from everywhere and nowhere." | Home, Friendships, and Creativity

- Common Words - Virtual European Spoken Word Adventure (June 13 2020)

- GUEST POET Paris Lit Up (Sept 5 2019)


The Menteur (University of Kent literary magazine):

- Upcoming issue (June 2024) on the theme of Myth

          Four poems: pandora, naturalisation, chimney sweeping, and spawn

          + an interview

Tears in the Fence (March 2024, Issue 79): Open casket and Paris, May 2022


The Opiate

- I ask Leah what my white girl name would be (September 2018)


Paris Lit Up:

- Triptych (Paris Lit Up: April 2020 eZine:)

- The Entertainer (PLU8 Magazine, October 2020)

- Innocence and short prose God Story (PLU9 Magazine, June 2021)

International House of Poets (Shanghai) IHOP zine:

 - Crossings (November 2016)

- Epilogue to Hibernation (March 2017 )

- Home/Untitled Unfinished (July 2017)

Littlestar Short Story Competition (Shanghai)

- If they find us (1st Prize Winner, 2016)

- Go Home (3rd Prize Winner, 2017)

Fun fact: Xoài also hosted Creative Writing Clubs in High School, in both Shanghai and Indonesia. 

Radio Play:

- One Way Ticket (Not4Girls project with Little Wonder Books, performed by Moving Parts Theatre Group, March 2021)


MediumDecolonise IB: How international school alumni are mobilising to diversify the expat curriculum (June 2020)

The International Educator: ODIS: A Student-Led Movement to Decolonise International Schools
(September 2020, co-written by Anna Clara Fontoura Fernandes Reynolds)


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